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Let’s Sell Houses TOGETHER

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Well, not necessarily. As a Professional Engineer, Wes Villhard runs up against road blocks to sales all the time. Most times, foundation repairs can be fixed by professionals that GUARANTEE the repair, which makes it just as good as new. And, you have got yourself a sale! Wes puts clients minds at ease and finds ways to make deals, not destroy them!

But really, we both have so much on the line, at HouseMaster, we can’t afford not to deliver for you at every step of the way! WITHOUT  FAIL, you can count on Inspector, Wes Villhard, to provide prudent answers after an inspection or before an inspection, to accommodate special requests, or respond positively to tight timing issues. We find solutions and provide the highest level of customer service until your clients are comfortable and happy with their decisions.

We take nothing for granted. We know every sale is important and contributes to your income, Company rank, statistical success… And kitchen table.  We treat EVERY SALE with equal attention to detail, equal levels of scrutiny, with an equal desire to help you land every possible sale.

We are YOUR Preferred KW Vendor…
Dedicated to helping your 2023 Sales Year be as successful as possible.

As we work our way towards 2023, please accept our gratitude in having earned the KW Preferred Vendor for the 10th straight year. Who else would devote an entire new website to this Partnership, right!?, Wes Villhard, that’s who!

Coming Up…

NEXT ISSUE will be a fun one!  If you have a moment please send us photos of your most unusual Inspection Bloopers.  Ya know, 6 extension coming off 1 socket, “Customer Supplied” plumbing (HA!)… Or maybe a kitchen that has not been updated for 50 years!  Your Reward?? We will make sure your photos are proudly featured on our blog, that you are credited for the photo, and we’ll provide a link to your personal website or Facebook page!  These links provide SEO back links contributing to your Google rankings!  That’s what I call a Keller Williams 2023 Preferred Vendor!


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